About me

Dragan Simic has been painting since her early childhood!
Creates still lives - featuring that everyone understands!  
Her oil paintings have been sold to art lovers in all parts of the world.

Dragana about herself:
"I find beauty in simple things, I show through my work, that the beauty is all around us - we just need to be able to see it!

Items that I’ve painted are from my own home, have been selected because of its shape, texture or color, and not because of any symbolic meaning that they may have. They are simply painted to convey the visual experience that I experienced watching the objects and how they relate to each other in artistic composition. "

Dragana about her artworks:  Always, only exclusive, original oil on canvas.
The paintings are done on professionally prepared stretched canvas, signed.

EXACTLY this kind of work has brought her
Special award for the painting "Cherry"
Cultural Institute of Vojvodina-Amateur Association of Vojvodina
November 2013

The Amateur Association of Vojvodina awarded her a special prize at 14th Symposium of Amateur Artists of Vojvodina, for the painting "Cherry" – November 10, 2013